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Ralf BADERs Gesundheit

Welcome to BADERs Gesundheit
For more than 25 years, Ralf BADERs Gesundheit is well established in German and Austrian pharmacies.

Ralf BADERs Gesundheit focusses on a variety of functional products sold in pharmacies. Very popular and of unique quality are the BADERs functional chewing gums: whether seeking to ensure a better oral care, providing its consumers with more energy and concentration or serving as a tasty product that helps taking care of the body, the functionality is always our top priority.

BADERs functional tea specialties are covering different consumer needs. While innovative recipes help maintaining the functioning of a good health, the products are always accompanied by an excellent taste.

Already successful is also the new segment BADERs functional shots for nutritional supplement, e.g. the new Cranberry plus zinc and Guarana Energie.

Highly reputated in German pharmacies is BADERs Teebaum

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Ralf BADERs Gesundheit